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a blend of world cultures
Since ancient times human beings have had a propensity for travel, new encounters and communication as forms of learning, progress and development.

The “MESTIZO” collection created by Akomena tells the story of this cultural assimilation and that need for encounters that is now so well established among the various cultures of the world, as a mark of evolution, unity and affluence.

RAG, CHADOR, URMEN, and KANDIANO, expertly created in mosaic, wood, gold and fabrics, are an all-round encapsulation of what is intended as a message of fusion and harmony, becoming a symbol of culture, mixture and mystery.

The pieces of the MESTIZO collection safeguard these deep-rooted and contemporary values, serving as a lesson for the legacy derived from an encounter between two or more different cultures.

The integrity and empathy of the materials take the place of words, creating a genuinely hybrid aesthetic idiom, made of beauty and light.